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Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss?

Do you have a burning desire to be your own boss?

Well, if you have this burning desire then we have the skills, expertise, proven business model, well defined system and real time experience to make a successful business venture starting from scratch.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. You may be a professional, middle or senior manager or general manager or even a fresh graduate. The best part is that you don’t need huge sum of money or a degree from a prestigious university or experience in industry & commerce. All you need to have is a open mind to learning, desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard with business ethics and integrity. Many people start business full of hopes and dreams, only to see them Crash and Burn and these were intelligent, hard working and passionate individuals, many of them with business degrees.

What is a Franchise?


A franchise is a proven business model developed by the franchisor (The company that has created the business and is making it available to franchisees through franchising agreement). Which allows the franchisee to utilize its established trademarks, proprietary business plan and methods of doing business in exchange for a recurring payment, which often involves a percentage of gross sales along with the franchisee fee. The franchisor will provide its franchisees with training a proven business model, a well known and well established brand name, and a wide range of other tools and resources to help ensure success.
As you know, education is a business which will never die. The need of the hour is the development of children into accomplished human beings. The overall development of the mind and the individual is achieved through GENIPLUS mental arithmetic programs, Rubik’s Cube, Handwriting Improvement etc.. Naturally parents teachers and the system play a large part in pressurising the student to excel at studies. The teaching methodology adopted as of date has many in built lacunas which do not allow the complete development of a child and hence if calls for need of supplementary education.

The business of GENIPLUS is enriching in itself since it offers the following benefits, to the franchisees :

  • No franchise fee
  • free training for trainer
  • world class kids friendly training content
  • royalty only 22%
  • Minimum startup time needed
  • Minimum Interiors
  • Low cost high margin & high volume
  • Easily manageable business
  • Immediate Gains no gestation period
  • Minimum time and investment required
  • High growth of awareness & usage
  • Convenient and easily manageable white collar business
  • No need of prior experience
  • Regular updating

Minimum Investment

10 Students Kit And 1 Teacher abacus

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ENSURE WHETHER YOU'RE A GOOD FIT FOR A FRANCHISEE BEFORE APPLYING WHO CAN APPLY? 1. Business People with an entrepreneurial spirit 2. Home makers and single mothers looking to break into the business world 3. Retired people looking for a new source of income 4. Married couples wanting more financial independence 5. Working people looking to make a career change 6. Recent graduates looking to launch their careers but also be self employed

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