Thank you for booking a call with us

Read this ENTIRE PAGE Before the Call

Getting onto the call without reading this page, is like diving into the ocean without knowing how to swim. So, make sure you don’t skip it!

Thank you for your interest in working with Hitendra and the Geniplus team for the Abacus Educational business opportunity. I’d be happy to learn more about the program and explore the points you mentioned:

The purpose of the call: 

To determine if the Abacus program is a good fit for prospective partners and understand how Geniplus can help them start their own Abacus Educational business to earn income with minimal time investment.


1# How to prepare for the call: Please be ready to discuss your interest in the educational sector and your goals for starting an Abacus Educational business.

2# Who this program is for: The program is targeted at individuals interested in starting their own Abacus Educational business and are looking for support and guidance from the Geniplus team.

3# How much it costs: To get specific details about the program’s costs, it’s recommended to attend the call to receive personalized information.


4# What you get with the program: The call will outline the benefits and offerings of the Abacus Blue program, which likely includes training, materials, and ongoing support.


5# Full demo of the dashboard: During the call, you will be provided with a comprehensive demonstration of the Abacus Blue dashboard, allowing you to see the features and functionalities.

6# lessons to sell more: The call may also cover two effective lessons or strategies to enhance sales in the Abacus Educational business.

7# Bonuses: You will be informed about any additional bonuses or incentives for taking action and becoming a part of the Abacus Blue program.

If you have any other specific questions or concerns, please feel free to ask. I look forward to our conversation, and please let me know when and how the call will take place.