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if yes, you are at right place, hi my name is Hitendra and I am teaching abacus since 2007 I had trained hundreds of teacher in past few years but hear I am not only give you training but you will get all material support also, so hurry up start your center now


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We have 14 years of experience in same field, we had trained thousands of students, faculty, franchise, our main mission is to make every kid a math genius, so you can join our mission and let's change the world through spreading this knowledge, see you in class

Hitendra Makvana



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Great, after you enrolled in our teacher training program we will send abacus tool and book for training whenever you receive, you can start training course of level 1 and withing 5 days you are ready to start coaching your students, and take training onwards

You can take weekly one 2hours main class and if require 1hour extra backup classes 

You can charge fees from 700 to 1000 per month, there is no royalty so this whole fees is yours if you are going to take 5 batches per week of 10 students each you will earn 25k to 50k monthly* 

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